Concrete Driveway

Having a concrete driveway will improve your property’s value. Not only in the aesthetics, but in the future maintenance required. Concrete and Driveways provide a longer lasting, more durable surface that can withstand years of freeze thaw cycles. Concrete simply holds up better to the -30 degree to 100+ degree Minnesota weather swings.  Driveway Pavers have also become a very popular choice in MN, you can learn more about their specific benefits by visiting our Concrete Driveway Pavers page.

Concrete driveways come with numerous features, which include:

  • Added Value Over Time – A concrete driveway may cost more to install per square foot than having an asphalt driveway installed, but the concrete driveway has a longer life expectancy that the asphalt. Concrete is an economical investment that brings value to your home.
  • Safe – A concrete driveway will remain much cooler than an asphalt driveway during summer weather. The concrete will not soften in the extreme heat, which will be safer for you and your family.
  • Landscaping Unification – A concrete driveway provides a defined border for your home’s landscaping, which will also go along with the pathways of your property. Concrete is also weed resistant unlike asphalt that can have weeds growing through the surface.

There are many advantages to having a concrete driveway installed at you home. At Concrete Excellence, we install high-quality concrete driveways that will enhance your property and raise the value. If you are interested in any of our concrete services, then contact us today and one of our experts will go over a variety of options to meet your needs and your budget.