Building Out Space for Quality Outdoor Time

Recently, we got a call from a past client whom we had installed a concrete driveway for. The client wanted us to do an area in their backyard underneath their deck, so they could have an outdoor living room set upon a concrete patio. We went out to their home to give then an estimate. The client was satisfied with the estimate and we were scheduled to start on the concrete patio in Lakeville on Thursday of the following week.

The team arrived Thursday morning and began to prepare the subgrade for the patio. The subgrade was dug out, then compacted with our compacting equipment. The crew crafted reinforcements for the patio by using beams and forms. After this step was completed, the crew started pouring the concrete mixture. The concrete mixture must be precise, because if the concrete mixture is to dry it will not pour in the area properly and a too wet mixture will not dry properly.

Backyard Concrete Contractor Project Begins

Once the concrete was poured, the team started staining the concrete mixture to the effect that the homeowners had requested. This step must be done as soon as the concrete mixture is poured. The homeowners wanted the concrete stain to match with the color of their home and the deck that was above the patio, which our crew did. 

This home was the site of a new concrete driveway and new patio - Concrete Excellence

The homeowners were not home when the crew was finished with their project, but the crew cleaned up the work area thoroughly, then left. The homeowners came home and noticed that their patio was completed. The entire family looked at the patio, then remembered that they could not walk on it for seventy two hours, but they stood back and looked over how great it turned out. 

This was one of the easiest jobs of the summer, and the family loved how clean and organized our crew was! The clients called the office a couple weeks after we had finished their project to let us know that the entire family loved the new patio and they were now able to host bigger barbecues due to the added outdoor living space that we added for them. Our crew must have done another outstanding job, because just today one of the guests that attended a barbecue with this client contacted us to see if we could provide a beautiful concrete patio for them at their home like we had done for their friends.

Concrete Excellence gets most of its new projects by people who have actually seen the work that we have provided for their friends, family, and coworkers. We have scheduled another concrete patio project for a new client due to the superior work and craftsmanship of our qualified employees.

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