Another Professionally Crafted Driveway

We got a call from a homeowner looking for a new driveway for their home. They wanted pavers along the sidewalk with decorative tiles. We scheduled a free consultation as a concrete contractor in Apply Valley so we could look at the area for the new driveway and provide them with an actual estimate for the project.

Two of our concrete specialists arrived at the Apple Valley home for the driveway consultation. Our guys measured the driveway, then they showed the homeowner different paver options. They let the homeowner know that having pavers along the sidewalk would not only add value to the home, but they would also provide beauty too. The homeowner selected the paver style he wanted, then we gave him an estimate that he was comfortable with and asked us to start on the driveway project as soon as we could.

The concrete driveway was scheduled to start

Our crew arrived at the home and started to excavate the old driveway. Once the entire old driveway was removed, the crew then started to create the precise grade. The soil was to be compacted, then a layer of crushed rock was laid in order to provide the precise drainage. The crew began to lay the forms for the driveway, then the crew began to pour the concrete mixture into the area until the concrete driveway was formed. 

Concrete Excellence was happy to build this concrete driveway in apply valley

The crew began to work on laying the pavers that the homeowner had selected. The crew prepared the ground by removing debris, then they laid small crushed rock in the areas. The crew then laid each paver down one by one. Once each paver was laid and done, the crew then spread masonry sand along the surface of the pavers and in the spaces between each one, then they used the plate compactor to compact the pavers into place. After this step was finished the crew then swept up the sand that was present on the surface of the pavers.

We were able to do this job in just under a week, which was still a few days ahead of the scheduled date that we promised the homeowner. We let the homeowner know that the driveway and pavers were successfully installed and we advised him to try not to park on the driveway for about seventy-two hours so that the concrete had plenty of time to cure, which is very important. The homeowner was very pleased with the new driveway, but was more impressed with the way the pavers added that special touch to the sidewalk and the front of the home. He was glad he called the best concrete contractor in Apple Valley and we were happy that we did another successful job.

Patio Expansion and More

Recently, we got a call from a homeowner who wanted a walkway of paver patios outside of their basement to their main patio area. They also wanted to expand their concrete patio in Eagan, which we were able to do. We sent a few of our concrete experts to the home so we could provide the homeowner with an estimate and provide options at the same time.

Our team arrived at the Eagan residence where the homeowner showed them where he wanted the paver patios located, then he showed them where he wanted the patio area expanded. Our team measured the area for the patio, then they showed him a variety of pavers that would match the color of his home and enhance the property. The homeowner selected the pavers that he wanted and they gave him an estimate for the job. The homeowner scheduled us to start first thing Monday morning.

We started on the paver patio project

Monday morning bright and early our crew arrived at the home to start the pavers and patio expansion project. The crew first started on prepping the ground for the pavers. They removed all the grass and debris from the area, then they laid small aggregate down and then they started laying each paver. Once all the pavers were laid precisely the crew then added sand to the surface and to fill the spaces in between each paver, then they cleaned the extra sand from the surface. 

We did this eagan concrete contractor job on time - Concrete Excellence

The crew then started prepping the ground to extend the patio. They removed the debris, then they laid small aggregate, which is important because this would allow the proper drainage to occur, then they made forms for the concrete patio. Once the forms were made the crew poured the concrete. When the concrete was set and formed the crew removed the forms, then they cleaned up the worksite area thoroughly.

The crew informed the homeowner that the job was complete and we let the homeowner know that if he could try to stay off the concrete patio for approximately 72 hours it would allow the concrete to cure properly. The homeowner was very happy with the extended patio, but he loved the pavers that met up with the patio. The crew let the homeowner know that if he had any problems or questions to just call the office and we would come out if there was a problem. The crew told the homeowner that we are Eagan patio paver specialists. We provide the best selections, colors, and varieties of patio pavers in the city and we are the only concrete contractor that provides a complimentary consultation with each of our customers, because we want to know the customers vision, so we can make sure that vision becomes a reality for the homeowner.

We Help With Design AND Build

We got a call from a homeowner that wanted to build a new driveway and a concrete sidewalk in Mendota Heights from the driveway to the front door. This was very easy for us to do for them, and we were able to help them in the process of selecting a style and design.

The Concrete Contractor Project Began

Two of our top concrete specialists arrived at the home as scheduled. The homeowner’s showed us the condition of the current driveway and where they wanted to have a sidewalk installed from the driveway to the front door. We measured the driveway and sidewalk area, then we went over a variety of styles and designs with the homeowners. The homeowners explained that they have done a lot of major home improvements to their home recently and they really liked the look of the decorated concrete for their sidewalk. They wanted it in a tan color and they wanted a slate pattern, which would be no problem for us. We gave them the estimate and the homeowners was ready for us to start as soon as we could, so we scheduled the project for next week. 

This concrete driveway in Mendota Heights looks great thanks to our team at Concrete Excellence

Our crew arrived at the Mendota Heights home on time as scheduled. The crew started in removing the old driveway. They removed the entire driveway, then they started getting the new driveway ready by adding aggregate to the ground so the driveway would have the proper drainage, then the crew built the forms for the driveway. The crew poured the concrete mixture into the forms and they got the concrete precisely even.

The crew then started working on the decorated concrete sidewalk ready. They removed the grass, soil, and debris, then they added small aggregate to supply the drainage. The crew then laid each decorated concrete paver until they had the entire sidewalk laid. Once the decorated concrete pavers were successfully installed the crew then filled each space until the project was done. The crew made sure at the end of each work day they cleaned the worksite up thoroughly. The crew arrived early each day and worked until late in the evening. We were able to get the driveway and sidewalk installed for the customer within one week.

On the last day as the crew was cleaning up to go to the next jobsite the homeowner arrived home to see the finished project. The homeowner was thrilled with the driveway, but was very impressed with the sidewalk. The homeowner continued to praise our work. It’s a good thing that the customer contacted us for their driveway and sidewalk because we are Mendota Heights concrete contractor and all homeowners are always pleased with our knowledge, craftsmanship, and our technique.

We Provide a Yard Overhaul

A few weeks ago we got a call to provide a quote for some serious backyard work. First, the homeowner wanted us to put in a retaining wall that would end up containing a large portion of a paver patio. We let the homeowner know that we provide complimentary consultations and quotes for all of our work as a concrete contractor in Savage, and we set an appointment to meet with the homeowner the following morning.

We arrived at the Savage home and the homeowners showed us the backyard where they were wanting the work done. The homeowners were throwing out different ideas that they were wanting in their backyard, then together we figured out exactly what they were interested in. We ended up having to give some pretty detailed designs with the estimate, but the young couple ended up going with our company.

The retaining wall was scheduled to be built

Our crew arrived at the home and started getting the yard prepped and ready for the paver patio and retaining wall. Our crew first started installing the paver patio with the stones that the couple had selected. Each stone was carefully laid into place to create the patio that they had requested. The crew returned the following day and started working on installing the retaining wall. 

Concrete excellence built this retaining wall in savage

The retaining wall was built using the shapes and colored stones to match the patio. The crew worked all day long, then returned each day to get this project completed on time for the customers. On the last day, the crew nearly had the retaining wall completed when they arrived, and they worked nonstop until it was completed.

The crew was even impressed at the finished project. We were able to get the wall installed in just under one workweek, and the rest of it came pretty easily after that. The young homeowners were ecstatic when they see their backyard. They both said that it looked better than they could have imagined. They both agreed that they were very happy that they decided to go with Concrete Excellence for their Savage concrete contractor because we went that extra mile to make sure each stone and paver were put into place correctly.

The crew let the customers know that their retaining wall and patio pavers were easy to maintain as they may just have to sweep the dust and dirt off or spray them down with the garden hose. The couple already had plans to add a barbecue grill and outdoor pit in the patio area and they said this was the best looking patio that they had ever seen and the retaining wall just added the finishing touch to define their outdoor entertaining area that they had wanted in their backyard. They thanked the crew over and over, and our crew was pleased to have two more happy customers.

Home Addition Needs Finishing Touch

We got a call from a mom who had just completed major renovations and a home addition to their house. Now that the family had an actual garage, they needed a new concrete driveway in Prior Lake. They called us for a quote on the install and we were happy to go to the home and give the homeowner an estimate.

We provided a concrete driveway installation quote

A few of our best concrete specialists arrived at the residence to give the homeowner a quote on concrete contractor project. The current driveway was just dirt, so we would be starting from square one with this installation. We measured the area and we asked the owner if she had any questions (which she did). She wanted to know if the concrete driveway would stay solid and strong without cracking during the hot summer days. Our crew ensured her that her new driveway would never soften, crumble, or crack in the extreme heat. 

New home addition led to a new prior lake concrete driveway

The homeowner also wanted to know why she should choose concrete over asphalt, because asphalt is cheaper to install. Our crew let her know that the price may be higher right now, but it will pay for itself in the long run due to the concrete driveway coming with a longer lasting life. It also adds value to the home due to the curb appeal and durability. She was so impressed with our knowledge and quote that she hired us at that moment. We scheduled the installation on the day that the customer requested and our crew arrived promptly as scheduled.

Our crew arrived at the home and began prepping the area for the subgrade, and the proper drainage was added. The subgrade will prevent slab settlement cracks. Crushed rocks were placed several inches thick in the area. The crew started placing control joints, and an isolation joint was added by the garage floor entrance. The concrete mixture was carefully added. The concrete mixture would be laid in the area up to four inches thick. The finishing was applied, then the final step was the curing. The curing was applied and the concrete driveway installation was completed on time. The crew started packing up the tools and equipment, then they let the homeowner know that the driveway was finished.

This was a nice project for us, and the mom was happy too! She said she was so glad that she hired us for her driveway because our crew did an outstanding job. She continued to say that her new home addition, renovations, and concrete driveway will make her home the best looking one in the neighborhood thanks to Concrete Excellence.

Rebuilding was the Only Option!

Recently, we received a call from a retired dentist who was wanting us to completely redo his Farmington concrete sidewalk path leading to his front door and repair his driveway. We scheduled a complimentary concrete contractor consultation with the dentist, so we could look over and inspect the sidewalk and the driveway, then provide him with an accurate estimate.

We arrived at the residence as scheduled. The homeowner showed us the driveway damages that he wanted to be repaired and the sidewalk path that he wanted completely redone. We gave him a few options and he selected the one that would meet his needs and expectations, and the homeowner was pleased with the estimate and asked us to start as soon as possible. We scheduled the concrete repairs to start Monday morning, which was suggested by the homeowner.

The concrete driveway and sidewalk were scheduled to be repaired.

The crew arrived first thing Monday morning. The sun was shining and it was a perfect day to repair concrete. The crew first started repairing the driveway. The crew started leveling the driveway with our exclusive core filling process. The crew started repairing the driveway by adding the core filling to the damaged areas. This will eliminate the concrete from sinking or becoming unleveled. This process will also eliminate sunken areas in the driveway and the apron area. 

We did this concrete sidewalk in farmington for a happy family

The crew returned the following day to resurface the driveway. Once the driveway was leveled and resurfaced, the crew put in the sidewalk. The homeowner had a lot of time on his hands because he was retired, so he watched the crew carefully. The crew worked nonstop placing the sidewalk until the project was completed. The crew began cleaning up the job site to head to the next job.

The customer came out to inspect the driveway and sidewalk. In the end, the customer was thrilled with the work that we had provided for him and his home. He said that the driveway and sidewalk had never looked this great, and he was happy with our job performance. The customer said that he would be sure to let all his friends and family members that came to his home know that we are a dependable company. He went on to say that our crew went that extra mile to ensure that the job was done to perfection.

Concrete Excellence was thrilled that we were able to provide high-quality services that the customer had requested, and to meet his strict expectations.

Building Out Space for Quality Outdoor Time

Recently, we got a call from a past client whom we had installed a concrete driveway for. The client wanted us to do an area in their backyard underneath their deck, so they could have an outdoor living room set upon a concrete patio. We went out to their home to give then an estimate. The client was satisfied with the estimate and we were scheduled to start on the concrete patio in Lakeville on Thursday of the following week.

The team arrived Thursday morning and began to prepare the subgrade for the patio. The subgrade was dug out, then compacted with our compacting equipment. The crew crafted reinforcements for the patio by using beams and forms. After this step was completed, the crew started pouring the concrete mixture. The concrete mixture must be precise, because if the concrete mixture is to dry it will not pour in the area properly and a too wet mixture will not dry properly.

Backyard Concrete Contractor Project Begins

Once the concrete was poured, the team started staining the concrete mixture to the effect that the homeowners had requested. This step must be done as soon as the concrete mixture is poured. The homeowners wanted the concrete stain to match with the color of their home and the deck that was above the patio, which our crew did. 

This home was the site of a new concrete driveway and new patio - Concrete Excellence

The homeowners were not home when the crew was finished with their project, but the crew cleaned up the work area thoroughly, then left. The homeowners came home and noticed that their patio was completed. The entire family looked at the patio, then remembered that they could not walk on it for seventy two hours, but they stood back and looked over how great it turned out. 

This was one of the easiest jobs of the summer, and the family loved how clean and organized our crew was! The clients called the office a couple weeks after we had finished their project to let us know that the entire family loved the new patio and they were now able to host bigger barbecues due to the added outdoor living space that we added for them. Our crew must have done another outstanding job, because just today one of the guests that attended a barbecue with this client contacted us to see if we could provide a beautiful concrete patio for them at their home like we had done for their friends.

Concrete Excellence gets most of its new projects by people who have actually seen the work that we have provided for their friends, family, and coworkers. We have scheduled another concrete patio project for a new client due to the superior work and craftsmanship of our qualified employees.

Combination Project For Avid Gardener

We were called out to a home that had an interesting setup. The lady of the house wanted to do some landscaping on a hill that adjoined the concrete driveway in Rosemount at their home, so our crew suggested a new driveway that would also have a retaining wall on one side, which would create a perfect division for the flower patch while not risking any cars driving over her hard work constantly. Our crew drew out a design, so the lady could have some type of visual, and then we gave her an estimate for the project. The homeowners were very pleased with the estimate that we had provided for them and we went ahead with the job that very same day.

Retaining Wall and Concrete Driveway Project Begins

The concrete contractor crew first started by removing the current driveway completely. Once the driveway was removed, part of the crew worked on the subgrade while the other half started preparing the retaining wall. The crew started compacting the area for the driveway to ensure that the drainage was on point, then the forms were put up, so the concrete could be poured the following morning. The crew came back to the home the following morning, then poured the concrete mixture, then they all came together to work on the retaining wall by getting each stone precisely into place. 

This combination was a great job to do as a concrete contractor in Rosemount

The project at the Rosemount home took several days, but the crew was still able to get it done on time and as stated for the homeowners. Once the concrete driveway and the retaining wall was done one of the crew members knocked on the door, so we could show the project to the homeowners. The lady came out first and she said that the project turned out better than she even expected. She said she couldn’t wait to start planting her flowers, as she really loved gardening. The husband said he was quite surprised on how well everything came together and the couple thanked the crew for doing a great job for them.

The couple said that they would make sure to let everyone know that Concrete Excellence was the number one concrete contractor in Rosemount, and if anyone needed any concrete work done at their home or office that they should contact us because our quality work speaks for itself.

The crew let the couple know that they should not park their cars on the driveway for at least three days, as the cement needed to cure completely, which would add strength and durability to the driveway. They told the crew that they could wait to park their cars there, because they didn’t want to take a chance ruining the work that our crew had provided for them that week.

Why Hire a Professional to Install Concrete Driveways

Done well, concrete driveways can last for a lifetime, and will retain their attractive appearance even if they are exposed to heavy rain and wind. Quality concrete driveways will not crack or stain easily.

Polished and imprinted concrete driveways can look beautiful, and can even replicate the look of other materials, so you can have a hard-wearing, long lasting driveway that matches the style of the rest of your property.

Stained concrete is concrete that is treated with dye, instead of the dye being painted over the top of the concrete itself. This produces deep, vibrant and long-lasting color that will not crack, chip or fade over time. For areas like a driveway, which get a lot of use and abuse, this is a great option because it will save you a lot of time and money on maintenance. This kind of driveway is a great option if you are looking to sell your home soon, because it will increase your property’s curb appeal and impress prospective buyers.

Unfortunately, not all companies that install concrete driveways do a good job. If the groundwork is not done properly, or the concrete is not mixed well, you could end up with some serious problems in the future.

For example, unsealed concrete can be damaged by salt and de-icing mixtures. If you think you are buying sealed concrete, but the tradesman lays unsealed concrete in your driveway instead, then next winter you could ned up with blistered, pitted or cracked concrete in your drive. Why leave yourself at risk of having to pay for an expensive overlay of the entire surface, when you can get the job done right first time?

Whether you are looking for something decorative and stylish, or your primary interest is to find something practical and low maintenance, give us a call today to discuss your options.

4 Reasons Why Concrete Pavers Makes Up A Perfect Landscape Garden

Whether it’s for a walkway, driveway, or a sitting area for your home’s patio, concrete pavers can be alternatively used with regard to materials for every landscape design. There are many reasons why the majority of homeowners have considered concrete pavers, and you too, might just be interested in choosing this method because:

#1: You Get To Experience Flexibility When It Comes To Design

Pavers come in a broad range of design, patterns, colors, and textures, and you can be as creative as you can be when it comes to design. Since they’re smaller than any other type of outdoor flooring, pavers make a perfect addition to your garden, and can follow any path or terrain; regardless of how small or narrow it is.

#2: It Is Low Maintenance

Wood will eventually rot especially if it is not sealed properly and water starts to penetrate the wood. Same thing applies to real stone. Concrete pavers, on the other hand, do not get affected by moisture, and with an experienced and professional company doing the work for you, you’ll never have to worry about rain, moisture or other maintenance issues that you usually get with the typical outdoor flooring options.

#3: Concrete Pavers Is More Reasonably Priced

As compared to other flooring options, pavers are considered to be in the mid-range. While it has been mentioned earlier that it does not require high maintenance, which means that there’s less costs for you to worry about.

Nothing can complete a beautifully landscaped garden when it comes with concrete pavers. Doing it yourself is possible, but it requires time, effort, and the end-result may not be as good as those ones which are installed by professionals. Having the professionals get this done for you will not just save you time, but it can also give you the outdoor flooring that you have always wanted.