Best Driveway Pavers in MN

Although there are many driveway design options for today’s homeowners, concrete paver driveways have become a popular driveway replacement option. Paver driveways boost curb appeal and improve the value of homes while offering benefits unmatched by any other driveway material, offering durability, long-term value and aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of Concrete Paver Driveways

Regardless of your style of home, you can find a concrete paver to suit it, creating an entry point that is unique and adds great curb appeal from the street. Concrete paver driveways are beautiful and come in numerous combinations of colors, textures and patterns. They are also ideal for pool decks, patios and sidewalks.

Concrete pavers are also durable and manufactured to withstand the elements and time. One of the biggest issues that puts stress on many driveway surfaces around here is the annual cycle of freezing and thawing, causing surfaces to swell and contract, leading to cracking and buckling. Stamped concrete even falls prey to this trial of mother nature. But Pavers weather well. If an individual paver does break in an unlikely event, it can be easily replaced without having to pull up neighboring pieces. If the driveway shifts over time, the structure can be repaired by removing, re-leveling and reinstalling the pavers that need adjustment. With the latest in design and following workmanship best practices concrete pavers are truly low-maintenance as all permeability challenges have been overcome.

Top Driveway Paver Contractor

The professionals at Concrete Excellence are skilled and ready to take on your new concrete pavers installation. We begin from scratch, excavating the area and making sure it is level. Then we begin the process of laying down your beautiful pavers.

Our concrete pavers come with great value. They don’t crack, unlike many other concrete surface options, because we deliver interlocking concrete pavers that allow for movement. Our concrete paver driveways can last between 25 and 50 years! This is because they are easy to maintain and easy to repair!

We have replaced thousands of concrete driveways over the past decade. We only use the highest quality materials and we pledge to never cut corners. We stand behind our work with pride! Contact us today to discuss concrete paver options for your driveway!